Alsandair Cearbhaill

Jaded War Veteran


“War seems like a fine adventure, the greatest most will ever know. Then they get a taste of battle.”
― George R R Martin, A Feast for Crows.

Attribute Base Temp Mod
Strength 17 (+3)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 17 (+3)
Intelligence 13 (+1)
Wisdom 13 (+1)
Charisma 12 (+1)

Level 1: Fighter
Lawful Neutral

Total Hit Points: 10 / 13
Speed: 30 feet
Armor Class: 15 = 10 + 2 [dexterity] + 3 [armor] + 0 [Combat Expertise] + 0 [Dodge]

Touch AC: 12
Flat-footed: 13
AC penalty: – 1

Initiative modifier: +2 = 0 [base] +2 [Dex]
Fortitude save: +5 = 2 [base] +3 [Con]
Reflex save: +2 = 0 [base] +2 [Dex]
Will save: +1 = 0 [base] +1 [Wis]
Attack (handheld): +4 = 1 [base] +3 [Str] – 0 [Combat Expertise]
Attack (missile): +3 = 1 [base] +2 [Dex] – 0 [Combat Expertise]
Grapple check: +4 = 1 [base] +3 [Str] – 0 [Combat Expertise]

Light load: 86 lb. or less
Medium load: 87-173 lb.
Heavy load: 174-260 lb.
Lift over head: 260 lb.
Lift off ground: 520 lb.
Push or drag: 1300 lb.

Languages: Common, Dwarven

Combat Expertise
Improved Shield Bash

Skill Name Key Ability Skill Modifier Ability Modifier Ranks Misc. Modifier
Appraise Int 1= +1
Balance Dex* 2= +2
Bluff Cha 1= +1
Climb Str* 6= +3 +3
Concentration Con 3= +3
Craft_1 Int 1= +1
Diplomacy Cha 1= +1
Disable Device Dex 2= +2
Disguise Cha 1= +1
Escape Artist Dex* 2= +2
Forgery Int 1= +1
Gather Information Cha 1= +1
Handle Animal Cha 3 = +1 +2
Heal Wis 1 = +1
Hide Dex* 2= +2
Intimidate Cha 5= +1 +4
Jump Str* 6= +3 +3
Listen Wis 1= +1
Move Silently Dex* 2= +2
Open Lock Dex 2= +2
Perform_1 Cha 1= +1
Ride Dex 4= +2 +2
Search Int 1= +1
Sense Motive Wis -1= +0
Spot Wis 1= +1
Survival Wis 1= +1
Swim Str** 5= +3 +2
Tumble Dex* 2= +2
Use Rope Dex 2= +2
  • = check penalty for wearing armor


Longsword ( 1d8 – 19-20/x2. Slashing)
Studded leather armor: [ 3, 5, – 1]

Rations x2
Iron ore x1

500 notes


Name: Alsandair Cearbhaill
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 240 lb
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale
Religion: Although he was raised to worship Pelor, he has given up on religion.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Profession: Mercenary
Family: Lord Lughaidh Cearbhaill (father) – deceased, Lady Flanna Cearbhaill (mother)- deceased, Seamus Cearbhaill (brother) – deceased, Allene Cearbhaill (sister) – missing, Siobhan Cearbhaill (wife) – deceased, Felan Cearbhaill (son) – deceased.
Personality: Alsandair grew up as a happy child and had his every need met to. The son of a Lord and heir to his father’s lands and castle, Alsandair was an entitled and arrogant youth. Although his transition into adulthood and marriage curbed this arrogance, (Siobhan was a strong woman), the war changed everything. Alsandair entered the war as an ambitious and optimistic young man but left it bitter, angry, and depressed. Ruined by the war, Alsandair uses his caustic attitude to hide a deep grief for the loss of his family and home. He enjoys the company of dwarves, as his only fond memories from the war involved participating in their drinking games and trading stories around a fire. He has a soft spot for children and refuses to do them harm in memory of his son Felan. Alsandair has a deep distrust for most forms of magic believing it to be unnatural and views religion as a scam.
Background: Alsandair Cearbhaill was the firstborn son to Lord Cearbhaill and heir to Castle Dearg and its surrounding lands. He grew up alongside his younger brother Seamus and younger sister Allene in Castle Dearg where he was taught to read, write, ride, and where he was taught swordplay. When he came of age he married his betrothed Siobhan Caoimh from the neighboring region to reinvigorate the two provinces’ alliance. His marriage was a happy one and within two years the two celebrated the birth of Felan Cearbhaill. Several years later, Duke Baoill, the Cearbhaill’s liege lord called his bannermen to war. Although Lord Lughaidh was reluctant, Alsandair and Seamus were eager to test themselves in battle. The war lasted five long years, and went poorly for Duke Baoil and his country. It was during this time that Alsandair worked closely with Baoill’s dwarvan allies and learned their language. The front eventually was pushed back into Lord Cearbhaill’s lands. At the battle of Dearg, their enemies used dark magic to piece the castle walls. Alsandair watched as his father was crushed by a slab of stone from the collapsing walls and witnessed his brother slain by an arrow to eye. Alsandair, led his remaining men through a secret passage to escape the burning keep. Although Lady Flanna, Allene, Siobhan, and Felan were evacuated from the keep prior to the battle, Alsandair later discovered that their caravan to Siobhan’s homeland was ambushed. During the ambush, Flanna and Siobhan were both raped and killed. Little Felan only 6 years old at the time was fed to the war hounds. Alsandair later discovered that no one could account for his sister, so he spent the next 2 years searching for her, but was unsuccessful. With his lands pillaged, his fortune stolen, and his family killed, Alsandair has spent the remaining time working as a sellsword searching for death. He’s spent the monetary gains of each successful contract on whores, alcohol, and upkeeping his equipment.

Alsandair heard of Suar’s troubles through word of mouth, while drinking away his earnings from his last mercenary contract. As far as he’s concerned the defense of Suar is just another job.

Favored Weapon: Longsword and Shield
Favored fighting style: Alsandair prefers straight forward melee combat armed with a blade in one hand and a shield in the other.

Alsandair Cearbhaill

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