Rannyss Aryyne

Mourning Mother

Attribute Base Temp. Mod.
Strength 15 (+2)
Dexterity 8 (-1)
Constitution 16 (+3)
Intelligence 9 (-1)
Wisdom 13 (+1)
Charisma 11 (+0)

Level: 1 Barbarian
True Neutral

Total Hit Points: 12/15

Speed: 30 feet [barbarian]

Armor Class: 9= 10 – 1 [dexterity]
Touch AC: 9
Flat-footed: 9

Initiative modifier: -1 = -1 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: + 5 = 2 [base] + 3 [constitution]
Reflex save: -1 = 0 [base] – 1 [dexterity]
Will save: +1 = 0 [base] + 1 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld): + 3 = 1 [base] + 2 [strength]
Attack (missile): + 0 = 1 [base] – 1 [dexterity]
Grapple check: + 3 = 1 [base] + 2 [strength]

Languages: Common Dwarven


Skill Mod Base Misc Ranks Misc. Modifier
Appraise: -1 -1 (Int)
Balance: -1 -1 (Dex)
Bluff: +0 +0 (Cha)
Climb: +5 +2 (Str) +3
Concentration: +3 +3 (Con)
Craft: -1 -1 (Int)
Diplomacy: +0 +0 (Cha)
Disguise: +0 +0 (Cha)
Escape Artist: -1 -1 (Dex)
Forgery: -1 -1 (Int)
Gather Information: +0 +0 (Cha)
Heal: +1 +1 (Wis)
Hide: -1 -1 (Dex)
Intimidate: +3 +0 (Cha) +3
Jump: +4 +2 (Str) +2
Listen: +1 +1 (Wis)
Move Silently: -1 -1 (Dex)
Perform: +0 +0 (Cha)
Ride: -1 -1 (Dex)
Search: -1 -1 (Int)
Sense Motive: +1 +1 (Wis)
Spot: -1 +1 (Wis)
Survival: +3 +1 (Wis) +2
Swim: +4 +2 (Str) +2
Use Rope: -1 -1 (Dex)


Mining Pick-axe
Medium Leather Armor

3x Rations
50ft Rope
Small hand-axe (1d4)
Small dagger (1d3)
Amber colored rock


Name: Rannyss Aryyne
Age: 80
Gender: Female
Race: Dwarf
Height: 4’ 3"
Weight: 160 lb
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Pale
Religion: Old Dwarven Deities (Dumathoin)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Profession: Miner
Family: Meytern Aryyne (husband), Rhusdand Aryyne (son, deceased)

Favored Weapon: A miner’s pickaxe
Favored fighting style: If Rannyss is found in a fight, she will be found at the front lines, swinging wildly at anyone who chooses to come near her
Personality: Incredibly stubborn, even by dwarven standards. Once Rannyss makes a decision, she will see it through until an inch of her life, even if she is shown that her belief is false.
Background: Rannyss’s family has been mining in the Igneo Mountains for many generations, and she followed in her family’s footsteps. About ten years ago, she happily married her now husband, Meytern of the Aryyne clan, eventually producing a boy, Rhusdand. The three lived a simple life in Suar, with Rannyss leaving every morning to work the mines, leaving her husband with Rhusdand, and returning every evening to her home. She often focuses very hard whatever task she has at hand, so when she heard an explosion coming from Suar one morning as she was leaving for the mines, she dismissed it as most likely being a blacksmith’s apprentice improperly loading the forge, or some other such mundane accident, and continued on her hike to the mining base. After a full day of work, she returned to find her house smashed through, like many of the other buildings around her section of the village. Running inside the smoldering building, she found her husband cradling their 5 year old’s lifeless body in his arms. The first of many goblin raids had occurred that morning, causing, among many other disaster’s, Rannyss’s house to catch flame and cave in. Meytern had been pinned by the wreckage for hours until the town had recouped enough to perform rescue efforts, by which point Rhusdand had long passed from smoke inhalation.
Rannyss blames herself for not returning to her home to rescue her son, and has made it her mission to fix what is wrong with her town. After many false starts attempting to fix the problem on her own, many of which were stopped by the various problems plaguing the town, she has finally responded to the town’s call for anyone who may be able to get to the bottom of Suar’s woes.

Rannyss Aryyne

Intermission II: Small Villages have Heroes too, maybe Tian sambrown