Mute half-dragon

Attribute Base Temp Mod
Strength 16 +0 (+3)
Dexterity 15 +0 (+2)
Constitution 11 +0 (+0)
Intelligence 12 +0 (+1)
Wisdom 14 +0 (+2)
Charisma 10 +0 (+0)

Level 1 Monk
Lawful Neutral

HP: 10/10
(Level 1 Monk) Flurry of blows
(Level 1 Monk) Improved Unarmed Strike
(Level 1 Monk bonus) Power Breath (dragon)

Speed: 30 feet

Armor Class: 14 = 10 + 2 [dexterity] + 2 [Unarmored Monk wisdom bonus]

Touch AC: 14 = 12 + 2 [Unarmored Monk wisdom bonus]
Flat-footed: 12 = 10 + 2 [Unarmored Monk wisdom bonus]

Initiative modifier: + 2 = + 2 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: + 2 = 2 [base]
Reflex save: + 2 = 0 [base] + 2 [dexterity]
Will save: + 2 = 0 [base] + 2 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld): + 4 = 1 [base] + 3 [strength]
Attack (missile): + 3 = 1 [base] + 2 [dexterity]
Grapple check: + 4 = 1 [base] + 3 [strength]

Unarmed Damage: 1d6 +3 [strength]


Immune to magical sleep + 2 racial bonus on saves vs. enchantments Low-light vision + 1 racial bonus on listen, search, and spot checks + 2 racial bonus on diplomacy and gather information checks

Dragon form (Lightning type)
Large Creature
HP: 10
Speed: 30 feet, Swim 60 feet
Armor Class: 13 (-1 size, +2 dex, +2 natural)
Base Attack: Same as Human Form
Grapple: Same as Human form +4
Melee Attacks: Bite, (1 damage x2 crit)
Space/Reach: 10ft/10ft
Special Attacks: Element Breath (1 damage, reflex save negates)
Special Qualities: Low-light vision
Saves: Same as Human Form
Abilities: Same as Human Form
Feats: Same as Human Form

[Dragon feats to be gained]
Arc Breath: Lighting breath may strike a support character behind a front character as well.

Power breath: Double breath weapon damage

Venomous Fangs: Bite attack poisons targets

Aquatic: Can breath underwater.

Ancestor’s gift: Dragon form gains wings.

Death from above: All targets in a formation take breath weapon damage. Requires Ancestors gift and Power Breath

Glorious hide: Dragon form gains +3 bonus to Armor Class

Shift: Ability to morph into dragon form of your own free will. Requires a medium of the same element to concentrate on and takes a full turn. Same as casting a spell, something that breaks your concentration will cause this to fail in which case DM gets control of your character. Breaks everything you are wearing.

Discharge: Dragon form deals 1 damage to enemies that touch you. Reflex save negates. Requires Glorious Hide.

Skill Name Key Ability Skill Modifier Ability Modifier Ranks Misc. Modifier
Appraise Int 1= +1
Balance Dex* 2= +2
Bluff Cha 0= +0
Climb Str* 6= +3 +3
Concentration Con 2= +0 +2
Craft Int 1= +1 +0
Diplomacy Cha 2= +0 +2(half-elf)
Disguise Cha 0= +0
Escape Artist Dex* 4= +2 +2
Forgery Int 1= +1
Gather Information Cha 2= +0 +2(half-elf)
Heal Wis 2= +2
Hide Dex* 4= +2 +2
Intimidate Cha 0= +0
Jump Str* 5= +3 +2
Listen Wis 5= +2 +2 +1(half-elf)
Move Silently Dex* 4= +2 +2
Perform Cha 0= +0
Ride Dex 2= +2
Search Int 2= +1 +1(half-elf)
Sense Motive Wis 4= +2 +2
Sleight of Hand Dex* 4= +2 +1 +1(half-elf)
Spot Wis 4= +2 +1 +1(half-elf)
Survival Wis 2= +2
Swim Str** 3= +3
Tumble Dex* 4= +2 +2
Use Magic Device Cha 0= +0
Use Rope Dex 2= +2


Quarterstaff (1d6x2/1d6x2, double weapon, bludgeoning)

Flint + steel
Rations x4
Canteen of alcohol x2
Small dagger [1d3]
Medium leather armor

1000 notes


Name: Ezra
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Half-dragon (Elf/dragon)
Height: 5’0"
Weight: 95lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Color: White
Religion: None
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Profession: Former shepherd
Personality: Ezra’s actions most certainly speak louder than her non-existent words. She generally processes most things slowly and is rather awkward and shy.
Family: Unknown
Favored weapon: Typically does not use weapons (Monk type), but she has her shepherd’s crook (quarterstaff)
Favored fighting style: Ezra is not quick to fight, but she is strong and relentless when she needs to defend herself or others. She will usually take a defensive stance first.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Background: Ezra was born as a result of a union between an elf and a dragon. Elvish and draconic genetics aren’t exactly the perfect match, so she was born with a number of congenital problems. She was born mute, and has always been quite small. Her elvish father was executed by his own people for his perceived spiral into depravity, and her dragon mother soon abandoned her. Ezra learned to fend for herself, and, for a time, even became a live-in worker at a sheep farm. She became a beloved member of the village, until one of the shepherds attempted to rape her after she rejected his advances. In situations of high stress she loses control of her elvish form and becomes a snake-like white dragon. Ezra, in dragon form, castrated the other shepherd and lay waste to the farm. No one believed her side of the story, and unable to speak or write, she had no choice but to leave or risk the same fate as her father.

Hungry, lost, and alone, Ezra had started spiraling into hopelessness. In a fortuitous turn of events, she came across the village of Suar and saw that they were in crisis. Despite her size and apparent lack of strength, the villagers were desperate to recruit — well, anyone, really. Ezra saw that she would at least be fed and surrounded by other people during the time she took on this assignment, so she agreed.


Intermission II: Small Villages have Heroes too, maybe Tian rennix